Living a totally stress free life isn’t just a dream... now it’s a reality.

On this page you’ll discover

  • How you can enjoy an experience 4 times more restful and energizing than even the deepest sleep.
  • Why the things you’re doing to relax are likely ADDING to your stress level.
  • The real root cause of 95% of all human disease... and why you’re probably living with it right now.
  • How you can make the jump from Human to Superhuman.
  • The incredible science behind Stillness Sounds and their ability to expand your mind and assist in repairing your body.
  • How you already have your own special personal Stillness Sound just waiting for you to put it to use.
  • How one man beat the demons of anxiety and addiction, released his stress, and found the secret to true inner peace.

Imagine feeling calm, cool, confident, totally relaxed and completely in control... at your job, in your relationships and with your whole life.

Professional athletes (and others at the top of their professions like classical musicians and big time CEOs) call it "being in the zone", when no matter how difficult the situation, tough the competition or big the moment they know they can’t be beat.

They’re more alert, more energized, and more confident... everything seems easier and success just keeps building on success.

In just a moment I’m going to show you how you can take advantage of the combination of a 5000 year old Technique and cutting edge technology to rewire your brain so you’re able to live your entire life "In The Zone".

But first I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little about my story.

I’m Tom Cronin and I wasn’t always the calm, centered Stillness teacher that’s talking to you today.

In fact I used to be....

An Overworked, Stressed Out, Broker Who Partied Hard

I thought I had it all figured out. I had a high paying job in the fast paced markets, which led to partying in a fast paced manner whenever I got the chance.

It required split-second decision making as we turned over millions and millions of dollars worth of bond trades. Even the slightest mistake could cost my firm lots of money and even my job.

Now I was really good at my job but the stress was starting to get to me. I wasn’t sleeping and I was having trouble making the split second decisions my job required.

I didn’t know what to do so I just kept working and partying.


Then Came Crippling Panic Attacks

I’d suddenly be overcome with fear, my whole body would shake and I had to hide myself away while it felt like the world was crushing me... I decided the answer was to keep working even harder (and of course partying even harder).

Then one day I had to go for an insurance medical check...

They did all the tests and basically told me...

I Had The Body of A Man Almost 20 Years Older Than I Was

That was my wake up call. I knew I had to make some changes.

I began looking for a way to change my life. I knew that stress was a big problem in my life, and in the lives of so many of my friends and co-workers, so I started there.

I did research on stress and learned some shocking things, like that according to Doctor Bruce Lipton of Stamford Medical School...


95% Of All Illness and Disease Can Be Linked to Stress

I realized I was caught in something I now call "The Circle of Stress". Where every new stress in my life just got piled onto the old stresses making things progressively worse and worse.

Where even the things I thought were helping me "relax and release" my stress were damaging my body and actually adding to my stress levels.

I knew I was trapped in this circle of stress but knowing that didn’t help me. Since I didn’t know how to escape, knowing I was trapped only made me feel more stressed out.

The panic attacks and depression built up and built up to the point where I couldn’t even go to work.

I went to doctor after doctor begging for help. They gave me a general diagnosis, a bunch of prescriptions and told me to "live with it". I was so desperate I was willing to try anything so I filled the prescriptions but..

The Medication Left Me Uncomfortably Numb

I didn’t feel much stress but that was because I didn’t feel much of anything at all. I didn’t even feel like myself anymore.

I decided to find another way... but I had no idea what it was.

So I tried every relaxation technique I could find.

Most of them simply didn’t help while others actually made things worse.

Even the one’s that seemed to help were just too difficult or time consuming. None seemed to last. I mean...

It’s Easy To Feel Relaxed Spending All Day On A Beautiful Beach Doing Yoga and Meditation

But going back to work I felt that wall of stress hit me straight away.

After everything I’d tried I still hadn’t found a real solution. Even taking time off from work and trying to relax the panic attacks kept coming.

I was beginning to believe relaxation and calm were only possible for enlightened monks who lived in a cave and meditated all the time.

Then one day I stumbled across something which seemed too good to be true. Something that promised an escape from my circle of stress, a way to feel more centered, balanced and truly myself...

Something As Simple and Powerful As Stillness.

For thousands of years there was a tradition of finding the sound of your personal Stillness and using the sound and a simple technique to completely change your mind and body. The more I found out the more I knew this was something I absolutely needed to try.

I Was Desperate and This Was The Only Answer I’d Seen In All My Searching.

So I did eventually throw myself into learning everything I possibly could about these stillness techniques.

My teacher passed on to me my Stillness Sound. The sound which would guide my entire practice.

The more I researched, studied and practiced the technique the better I felt and the more convinced I became this was not only the answer for me but for everyone I knew.

I couldn’t believe how "right" it felt. It was like discovering the key to my very own mind.

And the best part was this practice doesn’t just rely on ancient theories. There is ...

Incredible Real World Science Behind These Techniques

The research was amazing!! Some of the top doctors and scientists in the world were as interested in these relaxation techniques as I was, if not more as they had been critically evaluated by the best medical minds....


I felt younger, happier and healthier each and every morning. I had more energy all day and slept easily at night. I laughed at the little daily troubles that used to frustrate me to no end.

I felt both like a new person and more like my true self.

The panic attacks stopped, the insomnia and depression went away. A lightness and joyfulness became my daily experience.

I went back to my job and suddenly...

I Understood What It Was Like To Feel "In The Zone"


  • Feeling calm and relaxed even in the most stressful situations... and ready to adapt to whatever life throws your way.
  • Falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow instead of tossing and turning all night long... and waking up refreshed and ready for your day before your alarm even rings.
  • Laughing, smiling and feeling happy naturally... while hardly ever feeling the frustration and anxiety that used to come so quickly.
  • Singing along happily to the car radio because your favorite song comes on... instead of grinding your teeth with frustration because of traffic or the guy who cut you off.
  • Solving difficult situations quickly and easily before they even become a problem.
  • Being able to be more compassionate, understanding and supportive of your friends and loved ones.

I was feeling all that and more. And even better...

20 Minutes Twice A Day Was Something I Could
Easily Fit Into My Busy Life

Because Stillness Sessions took only twenty short minutes twice a day it was something I could easily manage no matter how busy my day was.
Just 20 minutes twice a day and didn’t require...

Driving anywhere Hiding in total isolation Wearing Special Clothing
Buying expensive equipment Chanting repetitive generic sounds Bending into monk like poses

It was something I could do by closing the door to my office, right at my desk, and then go straight back to work.

Not only was I more relaxed but I was becoming sharper and more confident. I was more successful than ever at my job. My performance was higher than when I was working myself into the ground. I no longer left work feeling overwhelmed and desperate to shut out the world with drugs and alcohol.

I suddenly had the energy to really be there for my friends and family, not just spending time with them but really connecting.

When, some years later, it came time for my next health check I no longer had the body of a man 20 years older, I didn’t even have the body of a man my age...

My Doctor Said I Had The Healthy Body Of Someone Almost A Decade YOUNGER

I knew I needed to share what I’d learned with others.

So I sought out an instructor and trained to become a teacher myself.

Again, it had to be a challenge!! But I knew this was important so I put in the time and the money required to become a master of the technique who could teach it to others.

I discovered the only thing I loved more than teaching was seeing the success of my students.

Students like these...

Life Has Become A Lot Easier

My stress levels have reduced dramatically...I find a new calmness that accompanies my day to day life and makes me more accurate in previously stressful circumstances.

My day to day anxiety levels have dropped a lot and life has become a lot easier.

- John W.

It takes a lot more these days for me to get stressed even with 3 kids

You wouldn’t dream of driving your car in first gear all the time but essentially this is what you’re doing without Stillness Sessions - functioning slower and less efficiently than we’re capable of. In fact it takes a lot more these days for me to get stressed even with 3 kids and limited sleep.

- Jesse R.

Ultimately Effortless

The course was personal, natural and ultimately comfortable. It’s ultimately effortless, it’s for life and it doesn’t rust, corrode or break down. You can take it with you wherever you are physically and it’s yours entirely.

- Leon D.

I was feeling better than I ever had before and had a waiting list of students who wanted me to teach them.

That’s When I Knew What I Needed To Do

I had spent 15 years learning, studying, practicing and teaching so I knew I could help people if only I could get to them.

I knew there was a way to bring this technique which had changed my life to every person who needed them... without them having to find and travel to a teacher and then paying well over a thousand dollars.

By making this technique...

Available To Everyone Online

I took everything I had learned as both a student and a teacher and I created an incredible online course called Science Of Stillness. Science of Stillness isn’t just an online version of the course I currently teach... it’s the ultimate version of this material anywhere. As a teacher I know people learn in different ways so I have focused on both the ancient technique and the modern science behind it.

With Science Of Stillness you get:

  • The complete Science of Stillness video course walking you step by step through Stillness Sessions as well as...
  • Additional text and audio versions of the course so you can learn in whatever format works best for you.
  • Your own Stillness Sound I will personally select especially for you.
  • The latest cutting edge work of scientists and doctors showing the Science behind the Stillness Technique.
  • The ability to take the course and your Stillness Sound with you wherever you go with complete computer, smartphone and tablet access.

This is literally everything you will need to discover your Stillness Sound and harness the power or Stillness Sessions to transform your life, but… It’s not just about choosing a technique.

Join A Supportive Community

A community of other’s just like you who have decided to find their own personal Stillness, escape their circle of stress and become their true relaxed, joyful and successful selves.

In the Science of Stillness online community you’ll be able to encourage and be encouraged by others. To share in each others success and transformations.

Imagine the power of surrounding yourself with positive and successful people and now imagine those people becoming close meaningful friends...that’s what the Science of Stillness Community is all about.

  • With full access to the Science of Stillness Community Forums where you and your fellow students can come together to share your questions, stories and successes.
  • I created this forum to bring my students together but you’ll also see me there regularly interacting as both your teacher and as someone who’s life was transformed by these techniques.

When I teach students in person it’s often difficult to keep up with them after they complete the course. But with Science of Stillness I want to make sure you enjoy...

A Lifetime of Success

Which is why if you join Science of Stillness now you will enjoy...

  • Ongoing Membership, Access and Teaching
  • The complete Science of Stillness course in print, audio and video available anytime on your computer, iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet.
  • Your personal Stillness Sound
  • Live Coaching with me
  • Access to the Science of Stillness Community Forums

Click On The Tabs Below To Explore Science of Stillness

Now some people will tell you that everyone lives a stressful and miserable life. They’ll tell you it’s not normal to be happy or that there’s no point in trying to change yourself because the stressful situations around you won’t change.

Not only is that a sad and defeatist way to go through life, but it couldn’t be more wrong. I want you to know that...

Happiness Is Your Natural State

And Stillness Sessions won’t just change how you feel about yourself and your world...

It will actually change the world around you because the outer world is a manifestation of our personal inner world.

When we’re stressed and unhappy we attract experiences which validate those negative feelings. But with Stillness Sessions you’ll free yourself of those feelings and replace them with feelings of peace, abundance and calm.

Suddenly you’ll find...

Your World Is Full of Positive, Exciting and Life Affirming Opportunities and Experiences...

You’ll feel energized, confident and ready to take advantage of everyone of them, no matter how you might feel right now, because...

Your Body Wants To Heal And Your Mind Wants To Repair Itself.. It Just Needs Help

If you’ve ever felt like you just aren’t yourself anymore, that you’re not as sharp, as smart, or as centered as you could and should be... you’re probably right.

It’s time for you to escape the circle of stress and finally become the cool, calm, confident person you know you really are.

I created Science of Stillness by bringing this ancient technique online so that it could help as many people as possible.

It’s Time For You To Stop Worrying About Your
Stress and Take Action

You’ve got three options here.

You can keep on going the way you are, letting stress eat away at you killing your mind and body, robbing you of your true self, hurting your job, life and relationships and compensating for it with things you know aren’t good for you.

Or you can go to your doctor and get expensive prescription medication that will do nothing but mask the symptoms of your stress even as they further dull your mind and true personality.

Or you can decide right now to let Science of Stillness teach you the ancient technique of Stillness Sessions, finally escape the circle of stress and transform your mind and body into the way they were always meant to be.

I know which one changed my life and the lives of so many others. I know because I have tried them all.

Your Stillness Sound is out there, it’s been waiting for you for thousands of years. It’s time to discover your Stillness Sound and learn the incredible power of Stillness Sessions.

Lower Your Stress Level

I tell everyone how wonderful your program is and encourage them to take time out of their everyday lives for Stillness Sessions. They really do lower your stress level.

- Margaret C

A New Life Appears Before You

You will be surprised with Stillness Sessions, how once your body and mind begin to cleanse, with very little effort, how a new life appears before you.

- Angela R

Those top level athletes and classical musicians live in world where just one misstep or a single wrong note can ruin everything. But they’ve trained their minds so that when the big moment comes they can be confident, stress free and successful.. they get "in the zone".

Now it’s time for you to make the most of your important moment.

Because right now is your chance to "get in the zone" and sign up for Science of Stillness.

And in just a few moments you’ll be on your way to getting rid of a lifetime’s worth of stress and totally transform your mind, body and life for the better.

I know Stillness Sessions can change your life just the way they changed mine.

Try the Science of Stillness Program Today

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  • The Science of Stillness Program, featuring 32 training videos
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