Your Guide to Third Eye Meditation

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What is the Third Eye? Third eye meditation comes from the concept of the ‘third eye,’ which was originally sourced from Hinduism. This concept has since spread to Christian mystic traditions, new age spirituality, and other Eastern religious philosophies including Taoism. It refers to the idea that each person contains an invisible third eye, located between the brows, which acts as an intuitive force. The third eye is often associated with religious experiences, visions, premonitions, psychic powers, and other mystical phenomena.
Who Has a Third Eye? Everyone has a third eye, although it is more pronounced in some as compared to others. People who have frequent visions or people with psychic powers are typically seen as having an open third eye. Despite the fact that some people can naturally look into the future or use their intuition, it is believed that you can open your third eye if through specific exercises that target the third eye chakra. In some cases, people have ‘third eye’ experiences without paying attention to them, so focusing your awareness on your third eye can also help in this respect. Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki, and meditation are all methods by which a person can unlock the power of the third eye. What is Stillness? The Stillness Effect is a meditation-based lifestyle that uses meditation, or Stillness, as a means of achieving happiness, prosperity, and holistic wellness. Meditation is practised twice per day for approximately twenty minutes, and through this simple lifestyle change, a person is able to experience profound benefits in every area of his or her life. A personalized Stillness Sound is used to help you achieve relaxation instantly. When you are in a state of relaxation and your mind is clear, you will naturally gravitate towards being more receptive of what your third eye sees. Stillness is a simple way to gain insight into your own life and learn how to harness the power of your own intuition.
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Opening Your Third Eye Many people use meditation as a vehicle for opening the third eye. Third eye meditation is called trataka, and it can produce noticeable sensations beyond your normal powers of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Stillness-focused meditation will help you to open your third eye. How Does Third Eye Meditation Work? When you bring your awareness to your third eye or your brow chakra, you are stimulating the energy of your own life force and cause an energetic reaction within your body. Many people find that after opening the third eye through meditation, they are much more connected to their dream life and they may even experience psychic visions. The third eye is often viewed as a link between the subconscious and the conscious mind, therefore it is not surprising that opening this gateway can lead to the experience of spiritual or psychosomatic sensations. A Third Eye Opening Meditation Exercise You can use the simple meditation exercise below to open your third eye and start seeing your own future clearer right away. All you need to do is follow the steps below to access the power of your third eye.
1. Find a place which is comfortable and free of distractions. Make sure you are seated in a position that is comfortable and that

2. Listen to your own personalized Stillness Sound, either with headphones or by playing it out loud.

3. Open your practice by taking a deep breath in through your nose and holding it before exhaling. Feel your limbs becoming loose and your body relaxing.

4. As you continue breathing, feel the relaxation spreading to every part of you. Focus on relaxing each part of your body individually if it helps you.

5. When you are ready, bring your attention to the center of your brow, on your forehead. Tilt your eyes upward to ‘look’ at your third eye.

6. Feel any negative thoughts, anxiety, uncertainty, or worries that might be resting in your mind. Identify these thoughts, let them run their course, and then release them as you exhale.

7. Imagine there is a strong light shining from your third eye. As you close your eyes, picture that light shining out before you in every direction, illuminating the path before you.

8. Imagine that this light is an expression of your higher self and your purest form. Feel it as it fills your entire body and radiates outwards from your third eye.

9. Notice and welcome any thoughts, visions, emotions, or experiences that come to you automatically as you focus on the third eye. You might feel as though you are dreaming without being asleep.

10. When you are ready, bring your awareness back to your own existence in the present and slowly let go of your breath. Identify your body and affirm your presence in the world.

As you practice third eye meditation you will become more in tune with what the information your brain is sending you. Practising third eye meditation on a regular basis is the best way to fully open your third eye and experience total awareness. Stillness meditation can help you achieve it.

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