Seattle’s First Food Forest

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Food Forest in Seattle
I really love this story. It had me thinking about the idea of food supply. I'm not sure where you are right now but here in Sydney the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables is rising by the day. Especially organic ones that aren't filled with pesticides and herbicides. So what this article had me thinking was that there is an abundance of space to be able to provide ourselves with not all of our food but certainly portions of it. Even if you lived in a small unit/condo with a balcony or communal garden downstairs, there are ample places to grow some basic fruit and vegetables. Many of you may already know that I am a big fan of the green smoothie and have one everyday. Most of the green base I pick from my garden. Silverbeet, beetroot leaves, parsley, mint, basil. This stuff grows almost like weeds. There is an abundant supply of it and it will grow in pots or tubs in most conditions. Lime and lemon trees are vigorous plants also and will grow in most gardens or pots also.

So what about our parks and communal spaces then? Instead of non productive non native plants, maybe we should follow Seattle's footsteps and start looking at a new paradigm in the food supply?