Spiritual Wealth versus Material Wealth

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What does it mean to have spiritual wealth? Most of us know what it means to have material wealth –fancy cars, huge houses, and nice things. In life we are conditioned to want these things. On television and in magazines, we are shown images of happy people and their ‘stuff’ – their expensive perfumes, their designer brand clothing, and their luxury cars. These people are fit and beautiful. They drink the best alcohol money can buy, go on vacations to exclusive destinations, and enjoy enviable lifestyles. But what do we learn from all of this? We learn to equate material wealth with happiness. From the time that we are young, we are indirectly taught that having a lot of money should bring some kind of contentment or comfort. But unfortunately, a material lifestyle is superficial; it may bring you momentary happiness every time you get something new, but you will always be left wanting more. You will never feel truly satisfied.

In order to get that full feeling of satisfaction, you need to find spiritual wealth. Spiritual wealth is about riches, but not money. What kinds of riches? The following Chinese proverb can shed some light on the difference between material and spiritual wealth:

“Money can buy you a house but not a home.
Money can buy you a bed but not sleep.
Money can buy you medicine but not health.
Money can buy you blood but not life.
Money can buy you a lover but not love.
Money can buy you amusements but not happiness.
Money can buy you books but not wisdom.
Money can buy you a clock but not more time.
Money can buy you companions but not real friends.
Money can buy you food but not an appetite.
Money can buy you a ring but not a marriage.”

Spiritual wealth is something much more significant than material wealth. It is the route to pure happiness. But how can a person cultivate a sense of spiritual wealth? It’s simple enough to become materially wealthy, but spiritual wealth is something different. It takes patience, self-discipline, and strength to become a spiritually wealthy person. What is Stillness? Stillness is one of the many routes to spiritual wealth. When you cultivate inner Stillness, you learn how to be happy with yourself and what you have. You experience true contentment and bliss – from inside. You start to feel a sense of satisfaction, without constantly wanting more and more.
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Practising Stillness Can Help You Cultivate Spiritual Wealth Stillness is based on the ancient practise of meditation, which has become more and more popular in recent years. People have started to realize that a superficial, materially-driven lifestyle doesn’t necessarily make you happy. Although you can still have stuff and be content, having things is no route to happiness.

Instead, you have to learn how to become Still – and for this you need to overcome the negative conditioning that has changed your mind. You see, every day, you experience thousands upon thousands of thoughts. Some of those thoughts are productive, but most of them are unnecessary, momentary worries or insecurities – based on those things that you have been taught to believe about material wealth. Most of us will experience thoughts like:
  • “What will people think of me if I don’t have a nice car?”
  • “What will the people at the party say if I’m not well-dressed?”
  • “What will the neighbors say if my front yard isn’t perfectly landscaped?”
These kinds of thoughts will automatically pop into your head, sometimes without your conscious awareness. But when you practise Stillness, you work at eliminating these defeating thoughts. It’s remarkably simple and the effect is profound – filtering out useless information and things that you have been conditioned to believe can help you to cultivate spiritual wealth.

The road to spiritual wealth is a pathway that you must discover on your own, because it is housed inside of you. But Stillness is like a roadmap. When you practise Stillness you find the way to develop your own sense of spirituality and in turn, happiness.
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    I know how to fly. How about that ?

  • Tellerr

    hogwash, it isnt what we are taught its how we feel. i will feel better sitting in air conditioned house without worrying about how to the bills. we are material being we need material food, materiap shelter and therefore material is just as important as spiritual if not more? we got a material body it over rides our spirituality